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The Arts Award’s mission at CP Riverside is to support our students to enjoy the arts, connect with and take part in the wider arts world, and develop creativity, communication and leadership skills. The Bronze Arts Award is a fully accessible course to all students no matter how creative they think they are.  It supports and encourages them to unlock their potential and let creativity and talent be discovered.

Students take an active part in arts activities as well as experience the arts as audience members. Researching an artist that inspires them creates role models within the industry and leadership skills are developed through passing on their art skills to others.

As they participate in this journey their confidence in communicating ideas, creating masterpieces, and building self-esteem and talent soars. The Arts Award allows students to experience the world of the arts that otherwise may not be accessible to them. It gives an insight and understanding of artistic practitioners and cultural organisations. The students will aim to finish the course achieving a level 1 qualification (RQF) and a portfolio of work they can be extremely proud of.

Our Art and Design classroom is equipped with a variety of materials in both 2D and 3D disciplines. Prompts are given but where possible the students are given choice in what themes they explore and how they want to express this visually. Students will have access to different techniques and materials such as clay, paint, dry media, screen printing and marbling: all to give them tools with which to explore and express their ideas.

This subject allows students to explore themes that interest them and therefore encourages self-expression and idea generation. This learning area is valuable in developing students’ patience, and perseverance and gives them the opportunity to have new experiences.

For the purpose of Post-16 destinations, this qualification shows that the student has ideas, can work to briefs and produce a portfolio of work, showing an incredible amount of self-discipline and hard work. It would allow a student to go on to study any creative based subject at college; or enter a creative industry as an apprentice; as well as showcasing their development of life skills like idea generation and independence.

Please click on the link below to view the Arts Award Annual Curriculum Plan 2021/2022

Art Award Annual Curriculum Plan 2021_2022.docx

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