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English Language

At CP Riverside School, we have developed a KS3 curriculum in English that exposes students to various texts from several genres. Students are encouraged to explore how the texts are constructed and the purposes they serve. They then apply this knowledge to creating texts of their own which deepens their understanding and develops creativity. In addition, the inclusion of a variety of genres and culturally diverse texts encourages students to develop a broad view of the world, and a greater understanding of their place within it, socially, ethically and culturally. The aim is that this knowledge will not only equip them for the rigours of the Key Stage 4 English Language Curriculum but also their roles as citizens of the world.

The KS4 curriculum at CP Riverside School aims to engage the students and build their confidence. Through various texts and topics, they are taught the skills necessary to allow them to access the current exam system across reading, writing and speaking and listening. Enjoyment of English is imperative; therefore, gaining feedback and ideas generated by the learners is wholly encouraged and helps shape the curriculum. In addition, educational visits bring the subject to life for our students.

Students are encouraged to make mistakes and be proud of them – this is how they will climb to the next level: much like riding a bike. Students are made to feel proud of their work with a strong focus on praise. Tasks are differentiated for each student, and more able students are stretched and challenged appropriately. 

The wider intent is to prepare students for adult life and equip them to transition to their Post 16 choice of setting and take on adult roles and employment. The confidence they develop in their literacy and oracy allows them to access public services such as health, politics, and social welfare, thus overcoming inequity and barriers they might otherwise encounter. 

As the students at our school sit exams for GCSE English Language only in Year 11, the curriculum in Year 10 is designed to offer the students a breadth of experience from both an English Literature and Language perspective. While the taught skills have roots in ensuring that students have a firm base for their English Language study in Year 11, the content offers them exposure to texts they might not otherwise encounter. The inclusion of materials from diverse sources also provides cultural enrichment and encourages tolerance and understanding of those different to themselves.

English is a subject that can build students’ confidence, allowing them to engage in discussion, be analytical, expand their vocabulary and use their imagination. We use English skills every day without even realising it – for example, arguing your point of view! Most college/Further Education courses will require an English qualification of some form.

English qualifications available at CP Riverside are GCSE English Language and Functional Skills English: Entry Level – Level 2.

Please click on the link below to view the English Language Annual Curriculum Plan 2021/2022

English Language Annual Curriculum Plan 2021_2022.docx

English Literature

By offering GCSE English Literature, we aim to instil an appreciation of words and the power they can hold for years after they have been written. As students are encouraged to consider multiple viewpoints, their understanding of the complexity of human nature and the ambiguities of life develops. It is this sort of insight that will equip our students to understand and contribute to the world around them 

In studying literature our students will become better thinkers, learning to see and value the multi-sidedness of situations. This expands their minds, cultural capital, and vision to consider thoughts, feelings, and solutions they may not have otherwise appreciated. We aim to develop empathy in our students and a greater understanding of the human condition by examining literature.

Please click on the link below to view the English Literature Annual Curriculum Plan 2021/2022

English Literature Annual Curriculum Plan 2021_2022.docx

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