As a small school we pride ourselves in developing a strong school community

Our school community includes those directly involved in school life, such as students, parents, carers, commissioners and staff, and those indirectly affected, for example, neighbouring businesses, schools, transport companies, local policing and support services.

We recognise that our students should be at their best outside of school, in the local community, just as they are inside our school. We encourage students to show self-discipline and be aware of the impact their words and actions have on others. We encourage neighbours and members of the public to inform us of anything they would like us to address with our students.

We expect high standards of attendance and punctuality, friendly and thoughtful behaviour towards others, and for students to prepare themselves for lessons and learning.

We want all students to develop their personal character and become confident, positive, resilient young adults who are accepting and understanding of others.

We welcome members of our wider community into school to understand our students better, celebrate their achievements and raise with us any positive or negative interactions they may have had. If you would like to visit CP Riverside School please do contact us using 0115 9864098 or email office@cpriverside.co.uk



Our School


We are an alternative provision free school situated within the City of Nottingham, delivering education to 12-16 year-olds who, for a variety of reasons, have found it difficult to enjoy, engage and succeed in a mainstream school, or are currently without a school place.


Our mission is to CREATE POSSIBILITIES THROUGH ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION. We believe that every student at CP Riverside School has a purpose; a reason why they are alive and that it is our job to draw out the potential that lies within.
Special Education Needs


Our school educates and nurtures students in years 8-11 who, for a number of reasons, find it difficult to engage and succeed in a mainstream school. We receive all necessary information enabling each student to transition successfully into CP Riverside School.