Public Services

Through the Public Services curriculum, we aim for students to become responsible citizens within the school and a broader context, understanding how the public services contribute to society and have an impact on their day to day lives now and later in life. 

Skills such as teamwork and communication will be developed and underpin the learning within this subject. Students will learn the essential skills of reflection and self-analysis, vital tools required to identify their successes, mistakes and areas for improvement. Our students will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to enable progression into a range of employment opportunities.

  • Unit 1 will help students to develop a deeper understanding of such things as how public services are structured and funded.
  • Unit 2 will enable the students to learn about how public services communicate with one another and what skills are required for them to complete their job roles. It will also give students an insight into their own personal strengths and weaknesses for future use.
  • Unit 3 will help students to gain skills in job searching techniques and how to complete application forms. 
  • Unit 5 will allow students to investigate how healthy and unhealthy lifestyles will have an impact on their physical, emotional and mental health.

Please click on the link below to view the Health and Social Care Annual Curriculum Plan 2021/2022

Public Services Annual Curriculum Plan 2021_22.docx

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