Food Technology

Key Stage Three Food Technology and NCFE Food and Cookery Skills Level 2 enable students to learn how to cook healthy, economical and versatile food at home. The course reflects CP Riverside’s core value of creating possibilities through a detailed and engaging curriculum. Intrinsic family and community values have guided the course- focusing on economical, family meals, allowing our students to enhance their skills by cooking the same meals at home.

Objectives are regularly covered in theoretical lessons and form the central focus of our practical lessons, where students are able to put the knowledge gained in theory into practice. In addition, core British values such as mutual respect are promoted with students working in a shared space with a range of equipment alongside several peers of differing abilities. The curriculum also encourages tolerance of other cultures and faiths by celebrating different events throughout the year, for example, Chinese New Year and World Refugee Day.

We ensure that the cost of our food curriculum does not impact our families by providing ingredients to all students free of charge. We are also deliberate when choosing recipes, ensuring that they are not expensive should students decide to recreate what they have learned in school at home. Our trips, such as those to the Food Bank, teach an understanding of our local communities’ range of social and economic backgrounds.

A balance of practical and theoretical lessons provides students with several life skills, including budgeting, resilience, and tolerance, that they can continue to build on throughout their lives, leading to the ability to live independently and successfully.

Please click on the link below to view the Food Technology Annual Curriculum Plan 2021/2022

Food Technology Annual Curriculum Plan 2021_2022.docx

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