The what we do, why we do them and how we do them at CP Riverside School

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Our mission is to CREATE POSSIBILITIES THROUGH ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION. We believe that every student at CP Riverside School has a purpose; a reason why they are alive and that it is our job to draw out the potential that lies within.  We will use our curriculum as the vehicle for giving students the knowledge, skills and experience they need to discover their purpose.


Our vision for the school is:

To impact a community* through a commitment to high-quality learning, the development of personal character and the creation of memorable experiences.

*Community is defined as all stakeholders of CP Riverside School

Our school culture is communicated using our ‘4 PILLARS OF PROGRESS’.

Build Relationships
Relationships must be formed, maintained, repaired and rebuilt where necessary

Choose Respect
Respect will only become mutual once a connection has been formed and a relationship established

Promote Restoration
Our chosen method for repairing and rebuilding strained or damaged relationships

Achieve Results
The ultimate motivator for every student and member of staff at CP Riverside


At CP Riverside, our character is as important as our performance.  We reward students for demonstrating character traits that we believe are necessary for adult life. 

We encourage students to display acceptance, confidence, positivity and resilience as often and in as many situations as possible throughout the school day.  

The CP Riverside Way

The CP Riverside Way is fundamental in ensuring our students are able to learn in an environment that focuses on recognising positive changes, the importance of using positive language and demonstrating behaviours that will allow them to access the benefits of being educated at CP Riverside.  Our staff are expected to build secure relationships with our students, offer praise wherever possible and challenge negative behaviour in a non-confrontational manner.  We adopt the PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) practice to enable students to feel safe and secure whilst at CP Riverside.

  • Playfulness is about creating an atmosphere of lightness and interest when communicating, about creating an environment where no one feels judged or criticised. Playful moments reassure students that disagreements and conflict are only temporary and will not harm the strength of the relationship
  • Acceptance is about communicating to the student that we accept their wishes, thoughts, feelings and motivations that are underneath any outward negative behaviour. Accepting any student’s intentions does not mean accepting the behaviours that are demonstrated.  Our students recognise that whilst negative mindsets and behaviours are challenged, it is done so without causing damage to the relationship
  • Curiosity enables us to further understand the motives or reasons for the way a student is feeling or behaving. We use curiosity as a way of supporting students to reflect upon a situation and adopt a solution-focussed approach. As curiosity is non-judgemental, this can help our students to be open to how they, and other people, are thinking and feeling. Curiosity lets students stay open and engaged in conversations, which over time should leave to a more positive response.
  • Empathy allows our students to feel the member of staff’s compassion for them.  Recognising a situation could be difficult for a student, demonstrates that we do not expect our students to journey challenges alone.




Our school educates and nurtures students in years 8-11 who, for a number of reasons, are finding it difficult to engage and succeed in a mainstream school. We ensure that through a robust referral process, we receive all necessary information ensuring each student transitions successfully from mainstream school into CP Riverside.


Ensuring our students have the necessary qualifications, skills, qualities and experiences to transition into post-16 education and training and one step closer to their career goal is a priority of everyone at CP Riverside School. We ensure every student has a meaningful and sustainable post-16 destination to move on to.


Whether sitting GCSEs, BTECs or other vocational qualifications, we support our students to achieve their potential. We recognise that exam time can be difficult for young people and we ensure all our students understand the exam process and are as well prepared as possible.